Our Team
We help businesses with a good Social Media strategy. We do also speak Spanish!
Digital Marketing, Social Media, Hispanic Social Media, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Creative Agency, Video creator
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Our Team

In Socialker we are part of a group of bilingual professional that love what they do. We always listen to our team idea since they know what they doing and we believe in the experience and creativity of our group.


Day -Content Writer & Social Media
Day is passionate about digital media, content creation & development, and audience growth. Social media and content strategist, affiliate marketing expert, with more than 15 years of professional experience, and a strong passion and love for the Hispanic market. Fully bilingual.
Drea Account Manager

With ten years Digital Marketing background, Drea worked as a Social Media Editor and Web Master for Sony Music Latin, Universal Music Latin and other big brands on the industry. Strong knowledge of technology and experience make her an awesome Account Manager.