The Shopify Winning List To Sell Your Products

Date: October 20, 2017 Author:

We created this Shopify winning list to sell more products this season.

Being familiar with the Shopify platform takes a while to understand to reach sale goals.

Shopify offers multiple tools and plugins to make sales and improve the visibility of your store. Some are for free and some have a fee.

We went to The Shopify Room this week in New York City where we had the opportunity to make a lot of questions with the guru team.

Socialker created the winning checklist to put into action for your Shopify store to be optimized for Black Friday and the Christmas season!


Use a theme with a Mega menu.

 There  is some themes that are already tested for the success of the store, and one of the characteristics is that people need to find your products, categories and your pages. Be sure to choose one with a mega menu.   

shoplift theme


 Add “About us” and “blog” page to your store.

If your store doesn’t have those pages, let me tell you that this is not good. And if your store already has those pages put more attention on what you need to do so Google finds your page. Be sure to follow the basic Search Engine Optimization on all your pages, but those are allowed to implement the keywords 1,2,3 steps.

Use your keywords in your H1,H2 alt tag and content. You can highlight the First paragraph and change to H1 in your left corner.


SEO BASIC for webpage


Articles about your product are one of the best ways to promote your store all over the internet, add a direct button or link to each product to make it an easy sale step. 


 Be the Best Friend of Google Analytics.

This free Google Analytics tool can give you the best information, to see where your traffic comes from, which one is your clients best products or your most popular blog post on Content > Site Content > Pages.

First, check your Bounce Rate, this is the time frame that people stay on your site but if this is high unfortunately that means it’s bad and something on that page is failing. 

You can also use this tool to check what people are searching when they finish in your store and take that information to make a new blog post using those keywords or add new products. If people are searching a lot and not finding results your store can be the next solution for that. Traffic Sources, under Search > Organic. If you don’t know how to paste the Google Analytics code on your page Follow the steps here!


 Image optimization. 

Fill the description option on every picture in your store. And if you have a lot of pictures just use one of the Shopify plugins like SEO Metriks.

Also, put some effort into your description, Check out here how to do that.

 Use Shopify free tools.

These are the best free apps to integrate into your store that will help to make more sales.

Kit: a virtual employee for free

Best Shopify free apps


Mailchimp : Connects your Shopify store to your MailChimp account. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free each month using MailChimp.

Best free apps for Shopify

Countdown timmer bar: Make sales hot and limited to be effective. Get maximum income with this app during Black Friday and Ciber Monday.

Best shopify apps for free



Use free tool’s to improve your store or social media presence. 

Canva is one of my favorites! You have a lot of examples that you edit and add your logo and pictures to make really pretty content. If you need free pics to add you can use Pexels or Pixabay to download good quality free images. 


Add your payment option to Facebook. 

Facebook is one of the best channels that you can use to make more sales. From my own experience, I will say that if you don’t have a big community yet, start boosting your products first, this is going to give you sales and followers. 

Once you have your good following numbers you can integrate the Shopify pay button on your Facebook page to drive more sales.

Shopify free apps


Use marketing influences.  

This is one of the most influential ways to make sales. Choose the right person, or if you have a local product talk with your local community and choose somebody to represent your brand. You can offer free Shopify products or even make a campaign on social media looking for the next brand ambassador for your brand! You will be surprised by the results!

If you want to know more about how to sell using Shopify you can contact us to prepare your store for Black Friday and the Christmas season! 

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