How To Target a Multicultural Audience With Social Media?

Date: January 15, 2018 Author:

Most of my clients ask me how can they target a multicultural  audience on social media. I will give you some tips on how to reach your audience.

They realize (checking analytics) that the audience is also a different nationality or they even speak a different language besides English. Because let me be clear, being a Hispanic in NYC doesn’t mean that you speak your own language, but most do. Sometimes the client wants to create two accounts, one in English and one in their specific language, they don’t want to combine audiences because if you see on your feed things that you don’t understand you lose interest. The good thing about having one page and one community is that you will have a bigger community than if you keep two different pages. 

You have a solution if you want to keep a big community but target different languages. Go to Facebook settings and choose the general option. Then, choose Audience Optimization for Posts . This allows you to target a specific audience for any post.  But please, customize the translation for the Hispanic audience. Automatic translations are really bad, especially because you need to use neutral Spanish unless you want to target a specific country with all those expressions that identified them. 


Then, go to post and choose the preferred audiences to target.


When you go to post choose the preferred audiences



Go to audience restrictions to choose the specific language


Instagram is giving us the “translation” of the copy option. I prefer to write a short copy in two languages, my audience needs to know that we care about them. Or even use the swap option to post the same post in two languages when it is necessary. 

Let’s be clear one more time about what is better, only your social media manager can know that better. Know your audience before taking the decision.

 If you have different products or promotions for your Spanish audience: for example it’s probably better to keep your account separate.  Avoid that your multicultural audience don’t get confused about what is going on and make it complicated. 

Creativity is one of the best results to manage this situation, and Hispanic experts will drive you in the right direction to keep a happy audience. Target your bilingual audience today is really important to create that connection with your customers.

Show them that your brand or business is multicultural and that you care.  You are losing  because you are not targeting the people who started following you. Check your Facebook insights or use some analytics tools that can bring you that data. Or give us a call! 

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