Why My Small Business Needs Content Strategy?

Date: November 13, 2017 Author:

The answer is simple: Good content strategy will bring your business new clients!


And this is not the only reason! But let’s  first talk about what is content strategy for your small business.


Content strategy is planning, creating and executing  content to reach your business goal through  different platforms.
So now that we know what it is your wondering  why content strategy?
Having content strategy for your small business support’s the brands values, eliminating irrelevant content makes you different from the competition.  And if you do it well, you will have more clients!
Creating content is more than just posting something and waiting until your audience comments or shares. Go to your current social media platforms and check if all the post that you are making are talking about your company or business. Think about what you are telling your audience with that content?
Your content has to unify. If it’s not, you can confuse your audience with a wrong message. And don’t even think about reposting other accounts content! If your building an audience at least be smart and create your own content for them. At the end of the day people trust in the brands and business’s with a real identity.
Share you brands values in your blog post, or social media content.
Make sure every single post has content strategy. Yes every single one! Create a calendar and be smart enough to use holidays, trending topics and popular hashtags related with your business. But follow the plan! And the plan is the strategy.  Include related content pics, videos, post, and interviews.
Find or define your brands voice, if it’s young, classic, formal, modern, go to Facebook insight on your Facebook page, and check the age of your audience, if they are mostly man or woman. And find a voice that speaks with that specific audience.
If the strategy is good, we will help you  reach and get more clients! Its a fact! So one of my favorite advices is create original and cool content. Make sure it’s  entertaining and also it will help the ranking of you website.
You may use Google Trends to see what people is talking about or Google Analytics to research about what people is looking for when they find your website!
Make research about what your target loves and what your competition is doing. If you write about those things that they love they will share, read, follow and the most important of all they will feel your real identity .
For example organic food brands always have followers with other healthy values like any type of sport or yoga.
Good content strategy for a small business does not need a big budget!
Take notes about what your goals are  and then reduce that goal based on your budget.  You can make small and simple ideas like in that short video.

 Track your results. This step will help you to know if your strategy is giving you results. And if it’s not change it! No better education to learn  from your own experience.
So now take some time to decide about your content, which one fits your business goal, if you are going to create it or you will look for some professional support like Socialker to do it for you!
Contact us to blow up your business with a content strategy!  Socialker