How To Optimize your Small Business With Free Tools

Date: December 2, 2017 Author:

You will be surprised at all the free tools that are available.

You can take advantage of these free tools to optimize your workday as an entrepreneur, freelancer or even a  small business.  Maybe at the beginning, you will not have the budget or the opportunity to get some help for all the work that you need to do.  Follow the project and be sure that every single detail can be stressing some days.

Minimizing time is essential for those days, especially living in big cities.  Be sure to inquire some of these tools into your daily business life. 

I will show you my top 5  free tools that you can use now to start.


Don’t miss your next client or vendor payment! It is your responsibility to send them an invoice reminder. 

Use Invoice Ninja for an automatic invoice to remind the client’s next payment. You have a plan to use multiple features for free. 



If you need to create a fast design you need to know Canva. Maybe you already heard about this free tool but let me tell you that you won’t need design skills. This tool can optimize your time really well. If you don’t want to use the same designs use Canva to inspire your work. Play with uploading your own pictures. This also helps to know the social media size that you need to use.



Coggle is a virtual whiteboard platform for brainstorming. You can use this tool with your team not being in the same room using your Google Gmail account. This is a visual tool, so you can share diagrams and Invite your friends and colleagues to work with you. Drag and drop images with no limit and save the changes. 



Working remotely is one of the most common things today. You can have vendors, clients or coworkers from another time zone. Spacetime has a free tool that you can invite teammates to use, as well as a Slack bot that converts times based on the location of the user. This is the perfect tool for planning meetings. Type in Slack /time @username for the local time, location and also weather. 



Use Asana to create, follow and complete your task. Share your project with the clients and make comments. Also, you can use the new Siri integration to add tasks from your cell phone. This tool is perfect to organize your day by day and track the time that every project takes you. Especially for freelancers and for teams.



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