Influencers, The Money Maker of Social Media

Date: February 15, 2018 Author:

Influencers have become one of the basic digital marketing strategies that everybody in the social media industry has considered to make money.

As a vendor, brand, and even as a company you always do research on your audience. An example would be what they like and where they live. Now in order to monetize your product or your image influencers are the answer.

Everybody has things that they like such as travel, food, clothes, makeup, and cars. Sharing this lifestyle on social media or even following those accounts that show them.

87% of B2B buyers say content has an impact on vendor selection.

We are being constantly reached by hundreds of daily messages on thousands of products, so to filter the information we prefer to listen to the experts in each area.  Those are the influencers.

Some brands contact them directly to offer an exchange to keep promoting them. In most cases, it is money that they calculated based on the follower’s numbers of people that they can reach.  Other influencer agencies also send product samples expecting a review or an Instagram shot.

I selected 3 of the influencer marketing programs that I personally been using just in case that you want to make some extra money with social media.


This an awesome influencer app to get free samples based on your favorite things. Be sure to follow the steps when you get the boxes to keep receiving products. Sign up here!

Influencer app for free boxes



This platform is international. Connect your social media accounts to see how much they will pay you per post based on your follower’s number. Then, you will receive some campaigns and the steps. Sign up here! 

Socialpubli influencers


Another pay per post influencer platform. Create an account here to complete all information. Be sure to set up your payment with PayPal.  Complete the surveys to see if you are being selected for that campaign.


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