Boosting your Shopify Store

Date: June 5, 2018 Author:

Boosting your Shopify Store

The E-commerce social media strategy is completely different! We recently managed two Shopify stores in New York, and once again, reaching buyers through organic content with a zero dollar budget was a challenge! We also included email marketing strategy with pop-up banners to increase the email list, Instagram stories, blog content and all free resources that Shopify provides.

The creative concept in both was unlimited. For DND Feng Shui we included real estate, interior design, and Feng Shui topics to reach the audience, drive traffic to the website and engage potential clients.

With Ecore Luxury we managed the “dress like a celebrity” concept to create content to identify the audience and create social media presence. Bright colors, “yes or no” Instagram stories test to vote the clothes allowed us to know our audience favorites.

Here some Facebook examples :





ECORE LUXURY – Celebrity clothing