5 Free Instagram Tools Everyone In The e-commerce Industry Should Be Using

Date: June 18, 2018 Author:

Boost your sales on Instagram with some tools.

Instagram has recently updated its platform to help business accounts improve sales. Now you can tag your products from your website on Instagram posts.

We also have a few tools and features that you can use to boost your e-commerce on Instagram. Besides the content creation creativity process you can use those tool’s to have a better social media presence and drive traffic to your website.

Some are really easy to use and for others, you’re going to need assistance from your web developer.

Here are some of my best:


This is a tool that you can download and add some music on your Instagram stories. Talk with your social media team to create custom Instagram stories. Go one step ahead adding some entertaining music. Followers will see that your Company is putting creativity to attract more.


Instagram Stories on your website.

Check out our website! Socialker.com and you will see a plugin on the left bottom that is going to show you the Instagram stories of the day.


This a way to show a behind the scenes of the Company. Show your human side, let that your audience tag you when they receive the deliveries, and then use this plugin/tool to show this content is on your website.


Prime for Instagram

Another tool that you can use to see what the best time it is to post on your Instagram account.  This is not free but is on time fee very affordable. That is going to allow you to reach and engage more audience by posting at the best time.

Sell on Instagram Stories

Yes, that is also possible! But let’s be clear, this is not the same as when you “swipe up”. It is a new Instagram feature that gives you the option to tag your product on Instagram stories just like you do when posting.

What is the difference? Ok, the difference is that you will reach more people and new customers using stories by hashtags or locations. This is another way to drive traffic to your e-commerce website but for now, it’s available for big companies only.

Instagram Tips

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Boosting your Shopify Store

Date: June 5, 2018 Author:

Boosting your Shopify Store

The E-commerce social media strategy is completely different! We recently managed two Shopify stores in New York, and once again, reaching buyers through organic content with a zero dollar budget was a challenge! We also included email marketing strategy with pop-up banners to increase the email list, Instagram stories, blog content and all free resources that Shopify provides.

The creative concept in both was unlimited. For DND Feng Shui we included real estate, interior design, and Feng Shui topics to reach the audience, drive traffic to the website and engage potential clients.

With Ecore Luxury we managed the “dress like a celebrity” concept to create content to identify the audience and create social media presence. Bright colors, “yes or no” Instagram stories test to vote the clothes allowed us to know our audience favorites.

Here some Facebook examples :





ECORE LUXURY – Celebrity clothing





Influencers, The Money Maker of Social Media

Date: February 15, 2018 Author:

Influencers have become one of the basic digital marketing strategies that everybody in the social media industry has considered to make money.

As a vendor, brand, and even as a company you always do research on your audience. An example would be what they like and where they live. Now in order to monetize your product or your image influencers are the answer.

Everybody has things that they like such as travel, food, clothes, makeup, and cars. Sharing this lifestyle on social media or even following those accounts that show them.

87% of B2B buyers say content has an impact on vendor selection.

We are being constantly reached by hundreds of daily messages on thousands of products, so to filter the information we prefer to listen to the experts in each area.  Those are the influencers.

Some brands contact them directly to offer an exchange to keep promoting them. In most cases, it is money that they calculated based on the follower’s numbers of people that they can reach.  Other influencer agencies also send product samples expecting a review or an Instagram shot.

I selected 3 of the influencer marketing programs that I personally been using just in case that you want to make some extra money with social media.


This an awesome influencer app to get free samples based on your favorite things. Be sure to follow the steps when you get the boxes to keep receiving products. Sign up here!

Influencer app for free boxes



This platform is international. Connect your social media accounts to see how much they will pay you per post based on your follower’s number. Then, you will receive some campaigns and the steps. Sign up here! 

Socialpubli influencers


Another pay per post influencer platform. Create an account here to complete all information. Be sure to set up your payment with PayPal.  Complete the surveys to see if you are being selected for that campaign.


Thank me later !!


How To Target a Multicultural Audience With Social Media?

Date: January 15, 2018 Author:

Most of my clients ask me how can they target a multicultural  audience on social media. I will give you some tips on how to reach your audience.

They realize (checking analytics) that the audience is also a different nationality or they even speak a different language besides English. Because let me be clear, being a Hispanic in NYC doesn’t mean that you speak your own language, but most do. Sometimes the client wants to create two accounts, one in English and one in their specific language, they don’t want to combine audiences because if you see on your feed things that you don’t understand you lose interest. The good thing about having one page and one community is that you will have a bigger community than if you keep two different pages. 

You have a solution if you want to keep a big community but target different languages. Go to Facebook settings and choose the general option. Then, choose Audience Optimization for Posts . This allows you to target a specific audience for any post.  But please, customize the translation for the Hispanic audience. Automatic translations are really bad, especially because you need to use neutral Spanish unless you want to target a specific country with all those expressions that identified them. 


Then, go to post and choose the preferred audiences to target.


When you go to post choose the preferred audiences



Go to audience restrictions to choose the specific language


Instagram is giving us the “translation” of the copy option. I prefer to write a short copy in two languages, my audience needs to know that we care about them. Or even use the swap option to post the same post in two languages when it is necessary. 

Let’s be clear one more time about what is better, only your social media manager can know that better. Know your audience before taking the decision.

 If you have different products or promotions for your Spanish audience: for example it’s probably better to keep your account separate.  Avoid that your multicultural audience don’t get confused about what is going on and make it complicated. 

Creativity is one of the best results to manage this situation, and Hispanic experts will drive you in the right direction to keep a happy audience. Target your bilingual audience today is really important to create that connection with your customers.

Show them that your brand or business is multicultural and that you care.  You are losing  because you are not targeting the people who started following you. Check your Facebook insights or use some analytics tools that can bring you that data. Or give us a call! 

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How To Optimize your Small Business With Free Tools

Date: December 2, 2017 Author:

You will be surprised at all the free tools that are available.

You can take advantage of these free tools to optimize your workday as an entrepreneur, freelancer or even a  small business.  Maybe at the beginning, you will not have the budget or the opportunity to get some help for all the work that you need to do.  Follow the project and be sure that every single detail can be stressing some days.

Minimizing time is essential for those days, especially living in big cities.  Be sure to inquire some of these tools into your daily business life. 

I will show you my top 5  free tools that you can use now to start.


Don’t miss your next client or vendor payment! It is your responsibility to send them an invoice reminder. 

Use Invoice Ninja for an automatic invoice to remind the client’s next payment. You have a plan to use multiple features for free. 



If you need to create a fast design you need to know Canva. Maybe you already heard about this free tool but let me tell you that you won’t need design skills. This tool can optimize your time really well. If you don’t want to use the same designs use Canva to inspire your work. Play with uploading your own pictures. This also helps to know the social media size that you need to use.



Coggle is a virtual whiteboard platform for brainstorming. You can use this tool with your team not being in the same room using your Google Gmail account. This is a visual tool, so you can share diagrams and Invite your friends and colleagues to work with you. Drag and drop images with no limit and save the changes. 



Working remotely is one of the most common things today. You can have vendors, clients or coworkers from another time zone. Spacetime has a free tool that you can invite teammates to use, as well as a Slack bot that converts times based on the location of the user. This is the perfect tool for planning meetings. Type in Slack /time @username for the local time, location and also weather. 



Use Asana to create, follow and complete your task. Share your project with the clients and make comments. Also, you can use the new Siri integration to add tasks from your cell phone. This tool is perfect to organize your day by day and track the time that every project takes you. Especially for freelancers and for teams.



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Why My Small Business Needs Content Strategy?

Date: November 13, 2017 Author:

The answer is simple: Good content strategy will bring your business new clients!


And this is not the only reason! But let’s  first talk about what is content strategy for your small business.


Content strategy is planning, creating and executing  content to reach your business goal through  different platforms.
So now that we know what it is your wondering  why content strategy?
Having content strategy for your small business support’s the brands values, eliminating irrelevant content makes you different from the competition.  And if you do it well, you will have more clients!
Creating content is more than just posting something and waiting until your audience comments or shares. Go to your current social media platforms and check if all the post that you are making are talking about your company or business. Think about what you are telling your audience with that content?
Your content has to unify. If it’s not, you can confuse your audience with a wrong message. And don’t even think about reposting other accounts content! If your building an audience at least be smart and create your own content for them. At the end of the day people trust in the brands and business’s with a real identity.
Share you brands values in your blog post, or social media content.
Make sure every single post has content strategy. Yes every single one! Create a calendar and be smart enough to use holidays, trending topics and popular hashtags related with your business. But follow the plan! And the plan is the strategy.  Include related content pics, videos, post, and interviews.
Find or define your brands voice, if it’s young, classic, formal, modern, go to Facebook insight on your Facebook page, and check the age of your audience, if they are mostly man or woman. And find a voice that speaks with that specific audience.
If the strategy is good, we will help you  reach and get more clients! Its a fact! So one of my favorite advices is create original and cool content. Make sure it’s  entertaining and also it will help the ranking of you website.
You may use Google Trends to see what people is talking about or Google Analytics to research about what people is looking for when they find your website!
Make research about what your target loves and what your competition is doing. If you write about those things that they love they will share, read, follow and the most important of all they will feel your real identity .
For example organic food brands always have followers with other healthy values like any type of sport or yoga.
Good content strategy for a small business does not need a big budget!
Take notes about what your goals are  and then reduce that goal based on your budget.  You can make small and simple ideas like in that short video.

 Track your results. This step will help you to know if your strategy is giving you results. And if it’s not change it! No better education to learn  from your own experience.
So now take some time to decide about your content, which one fits your business goal, if you are going to create it or you will look for some professional support like Socialker to do it for you!
Contact us to blow up your business with a content strategy!  Socialker

5 Free Tools Everyone In The Make A Website Industry Should Be Using

Date: October 29, 2017 Author:

Use those tools to speed up your website for free.

Everybody is coding now! But not everybody can create a website ready for Google.

From my Marketing experience (10 years now) a Website has to be mobile, friendly, easy and fast today. Not all developers know about Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords, so if you are going to create a website or thinking to renew yours, create one that will be ready to convert your business goals!

Slow websites, takes times out of your life, and in the world that we live now, nobody wants to wait. If your website has a page load time of 10 seconds, you will be taken 55,556 hours per month from your visitors. Imagine you investing money in Google Adwords to promote your business but your website is so slow that your users click but don’t convert! It’s a complete waste of money and you will say that the Google campaign doesn’t work.

These are my favorite free tools that you can use to make your website faster!

It’s simple just paste your url into the bar and press enter to know if your website is fast enough on the desktop. If it’s not you will see a list of some things that you can do to make it faster.

First things first! The speed of your desktop website is not the same as the speed of your mobile website. Paste the URL of your website and press enter to check.  You will have the loading time and the percentage of visitors loss. The good thing is that you can get a free report to speed up your site.

free test mobile tool

One of the things that you or your webmaster can do to speed up your website is compressed the images. But using this program you will compress the image keeping the quality to the user’s eyes.  This is one of the biggest ways to optimize your website images. This tool also allows you to compress pictures that are up to 50 MB in size both in jpeg and in png format!


 4) JPEGmini 

Another tool’s to optimize images. In this tool you will see the before and after of your website image reducing their size but up to 80%, without compromising the quality of the picture.



5) Cloudinary 

Cloudinary generates all your thumbnails using a simple URL. Use face detection based cropping to perfectly frame your photos.

These are the 5 tools everyone should use to make a website to have the speed you need!

Two important sales seasons are coming and you need to have a fast website to keep your users navigate.

 If you need to optimize your website or create one contact us! Socialker is a full multicultural digital marketing boutique specialized in social media, content creation, SEO, Pay Per Click and web development. We are located in New York City.


The Shopify Winning List To Sell Your Products

Date: October 20, 2017 Author:

We created this Shopify winning list to sell more products this season.

Being familiar with the Shopify platform takes a while to understand to reach sale goals.

Shopify offers multiple tools and plugins to make sales and improve the visibility of your store. Some are for free and some have a fee.

We went to The Shopify Room this week in New York City where we had the opportunity to make a lot of questions with the guru team.

Socialker created the winning checklist to put into action for your Shopify store to be optimized for Black Friday and the Christmas season!


Use a theme with a Mega menu.

 There  is some themes that are already tested for the success of the store, and one of the characteristics is that people need to find your products, categories and your pages. Be sure to choose one with a mega menu.   

shoplift theme


 Add “About us” and “blog” page to your store.

If your store doesn’t have those pages, let me tell you that this is not good. And if your store already has those pages put more attention on what you need to do so Google finds your page. Be sure to follow the basic Search Engine Optimization on all your pages, but those are allowed to implement the keywords 1,2,3 steps.

Use your keywords in your H1,H2 alt tag and content. You can highlight the First paragraph and change to H1 in your left corner.


SEO BASIC for webpage


Articles about your product are one of the best ways to promote your store all over the internet, add a direct button or link to each product to make it an easy sale step. 


 Be the Best Friend of Google Analytics.

This free Google Analytics tool can give you the best information, to see where your traffic comes from, which one is your clients best products or your most popular blog post on Content > Site Content > Pages.

First, check your Bounce Rate, this is the time frame that people stay on your site but if this is high unfortunately that means it’s bad and something on that page is failing. 

You can also use this tool to check what people are searching when they finish in your store and take that information to make a new blog post using those keywords or add new products. If people are searching a lot and not finding results your store can be the next solution for that. Traffic Sources, under Search > Organic. If you don’t know how to paste the Google Analytics code on your page Follow the steps here!


 Image optimization. 

Fill the description option on every picture in your store. And if you have a lot of pictures just use one of the Shopify plugins like SEO Metriks.

Also, put some effort into your description, Check out here how to do that.

 Use Shopify free tools.

These are the best free apps to integrate into your store that will help to make more sales.

Kit: a virtual employee for free

Best Shopify free apps


Mailchimp : Connects your Shopify store to your MailChimp account. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free each month using MailChimp.

Best free apps for Shopify

Countdown timmer bar: Make sales hot and limited to be effective. Get maximum income with this app during Black Friday and Ciber Monday.

Best shopify apps for free



Use free tool’s to improve your store or social media presence. 

Canva is one of my favorites! You have a lot of examples that you edit and add your logo and pictures to make really pretty content. If you need free pics to add you can use Pexels or Pixabay to download good quality free images. 


Add your payment option to Facebook. 

Facebook is one of the best channels that you can use to make more sales. From my own experience, I will say that if you don’t have a big community yet, start boosting your products first, this is going to give you sales and followers. 

Once you have your good following numbers you can integrate the Shopify pay button on your Facebook page to drive more sales.

Shopify free apps


Use marketing influences.  

This is one of the most influential ways to make sales. Choose the right person, or if you have a local product talk with your local community and choose somebody to represent your brand. You can offer free Shopify products or even make a campaign on social media looking for the next brand ambassador for your brand! You will be surprised by the results!

If you want to know more about how to sell using Shopify you can contact us to prepare your store for Black Friday and the Christmas season! 

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Multicultural Social Media – Premier Aesthetic – Queens, New York

Date: September 16, 2017 Author:

Premier Aesthetic – Queens, New York

 Premier Aesthetic was looking to generate more presence in Social Media and drive traffic to the Website. The clinic wanted to reach the Hispanic Local market in Queens, New York to make appointments for Dermal Filling, Botox and Plasma.
Socialker provided organic visual content for their social media platforms. We created a consistent multicultural brand image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. To engage the Hispanic market, we wrote blog posts and ran Facebook ads in Spanish as well as English.  We successfully increased their following organically while we managed their account.




Socialker is a full multicultural digital marketing boutique specialized in social media, content creation, SEO, Pay Per Click and web development. We are located in New York City.

Read the experience of the client here:

I’ve worked with the Socialker for almost 1 year and she has always been creative, funny and professional both in our…

Posted by Marco Benitez on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Here are the Reasons Why Your Business Social Media Needs an Expert!

Date: Author:

Most of the small business and owners are using common sense to run the social media accounts. Some experience in the market can give you an incredible knowledge in social media.

Put your business in the hands of the experts! Trust me they already been dealing with a lot of things that your not ready for. Most owners don’t have time. Here some of the best reasons to hire social media experts!

1) Algorithms. 
The what your asking? Yes! The Facebook algorithm is what puts the rules in the game. Experts need to be trending to know how play the game. Algorithms decide how important is your content and how many people is going to see it. You can have 3000 followers but only reach 10 people per post. That mean that even in your Facebook community you are not doing good to engage you owns followers.
Social Media Experts
2) Time. 
One of the principal reasons why social media editors have a job, is because people do not have the time to do it. Social media takes a lot of hours if you want to do the right things. So if you want to be 100% dedicated to your business hire someone to help increase traffic to your community and bring you clients.
3) Reputation. 
This is one of the hardest parts in a business. With social media every unhappy client is going to be willing to give you a bad review. They are going to tell you what they don’t like in a post comment. From our own experience its better to answer and find a solution! User trust more in those companies with a voice!
4) Moderation.
Part of the social media services include moderation. Thats mean that we handle the community, we listen and we interpret your audience. What they are talking about, what they love or hate, what content work. Online audience equals real life clients! Dedicate some time to know you online audience.
5) Content.
Not everything is about sales. The good thing about digital marketing is that everything is numbers. Click, calls, visits, views, we can know what is working and what is not. Audience is searching for something, buying, or looking for some fun moment. You many content to identify your audience. Think in content that your audience will love! Not content that only you love.
6) Conversation.
The audience is there so talk about what they are talking about. If the trending topics are not relevant with your brand or business. You need a creative team to make this happen. Searching about the national days , if  you have a dinner your audience will identify with your #coffenationalday post! Also, comments are part of the factors that Facebook see as interaction, and this will increase your reach!

7) Results. 
What everybody is looking for! You are a business so convert that community of followers into loyal clients is part of your goals. A social media expert understands this so include ads and leads forms to start. A marketing vision helps to make your followers feels exclusive and special. Give them a good reason to follow you. 
8) Analyze 
A fundamental part of every strategy. Analyze is going to give you good information to understands your audience. Even bad is good, because you will see the numbers of every action, because you can track everything! Start checking the Facebook insight to see the best time to post in you community.
9) Branding.
Hard work is part of the way. As a business person you need take advantage of the new channels and adapt to the new generations. People use social media to search your product and read reviews. Be smart to reach them when they are searching. Tell the people about your story, your company your ideas.
10) Customer service.
Social media is one of the most visible ways to show your customer services to the new clients. It’s not going to be strange that  somebody writes Where are you located ?” when the information is all over the page. Individuals are lazy so be sure to have someone give the information to your social media audience
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