5 Free Tools Everyone In The Make A Website Industry Should Be Using

Date: October 29, 2017 Author:

Use those tools to speed up your website for free.

Everybody is coding now! But not everybody can create a website ready for Google.

From my Marketing experience (10 years now) a Website has to be mobile, friendly, easy and fast today. Not all developers know about Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords, so if you are going to create a website or thinking to renew yours, create one that will be ready to convert your business goals!

Slow websites, takes times out of your life, and in the world that we live now, nobody wants to wait. If your website has a page load time of 10 seconds, you will be taken 55,556 hours per month from your visitors. Imagine you investing money in Google Adwords to promote your business but your website is so slow that your users click but don’t convert! It’s a complete waste of money and you will say that the Google campaign doesn’t work.

These are my favorite free tools that you can use to make your website faster!

It’s simple just paste your url into the bar and press enter to know if your website is fast enough on the desktop. If it’s not you will see a list of some things that you can do to make it faster.

First things first! The speed of your desktop website is not the same as the speed of your mobile website. Paste the URL of your website and press enter to check.  You will have the loading time and the percentage of visitors loss. The good thing is that you can get a free report to speed up your site.

free test mobile tool

One of the things that you or your webmaster can do to speed up your website is compressed the images. But using this program you will compress the image keeping the quality to the user’s eyes.  This is one of the biggest ways to optimize your website images. This tool also allows you to compress pictures that are up to 50 MB in size both in jpeg and in png format!


 4) JPEGmini 

Another tool’s to optimize images. In this tool you will see the before and after of your website image reducing their size but up to 80%, without compromising the quality of the picture.



5) Cloudinary 

Cloudinary generates all your thumbnails using a simple URL. Use face detection based cropping to perfectly frame your photos.

These are the 5 tools everyone should use to make a website to have the speed you need!

Two important sales seasons are coming and you need to have a fast website to keep your users navigate.

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